Vaccines fund

Paccai bag factory

In early 2018, we started production in Tamil Nadu, a state in southern India. As you may have seen in the media, Corona is making a big push into India. 150 people are already hard at work on our cotton bags. Many of them are out of unemployment and happy with the opportunities they have been given. But the desperation now is enormous.

Things are really bad right now. The hospitals are overcrowded and there is a shortage of oxygen machines.

One of the things that could help is to get people vaccinated as soon as possible. But that’s the problem of it. This vaccination is paid for by every Indian, not by the government as it is in our country.

Therefore, Product Media Group has decided to register its employees and family members for the vaccination. This will be done within our premises.

However, we wanted to go further. We also wanted to do something for the village of Azhagiapandipuram where our factory is located.

How can you Help?

Because we provided a large number of masks to hospitals and health care facilities at the beginning of this Corona outbreak, and we still have a large inventory, we thought we would now sell these surgical masks, and for every one sold, we could fund a vaccination in India.

We’re not only going to provide the funds, but we’re going to provide the infrastructure and put the Paccai bag factory people in good order to do everything right.

Soon you will be able to see on this page how many people we have already helped. It’s already registered with the government, just waiting for the date.

Surgical masks

Order 1 set of 50 surgical mouth masks type IIR at 20 € (including delivery). So there is  1 vaccination will be provided in India.

cotton mask